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Our Approach

We offer professional and flexible charity strategy and management support, tailored to your specific needs. This is done by taking a fresh look at your strategic direction and developing a long-term approach to help you fulfil your goals. We help you to move from the development of a dynamic strategy to its practical day-to-day implementation. We work alongside you, getting to know you, your charity and the context in which you work. We listen to you and advise you on what we think you can realistically achieve.

Our Mission and Values

We are fully committed to delivering "Best Practice" for you whilst strengthening the charitable impact. We always aim to transfer our knowledge and expertise to build your skills as a Trustee board, CEO or leadership team. We work to the highest standard in offering professional and flexible advice, information and guidance. Integrity and Client Satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.

  • Are you happy with the performance of your charity or Board of Trustees?
  • Do you know what questions you should be asking about your charity governance or compliance? Do you have the answers?

Sometimes being engaged in a charity on a day-to-day basis means that you are just too busy to consider whether operations could be improved or to address problem areas. Sometimes you may simply be too close to the problem to be objective. With a wide experience in the charity sector, we can bring a new independent perspective. Through a governance review or board evaluation, we can help you to review areas of known difficulty and perhaps identify previously unrecognised areas that could be a cause of concern.

  • Do you recognise the need for change in your organisation?
  • Not sure how to tackle change?
  • Lack the necessary time or in-house skills to plan and implement change?

Periodic change is essential if Trustees are to meet the challenge of operating a charity in today's uncertain climate. But change can be difficult to assimilate, not only for Trustees and staff but sometimes for other stakeholders including those who the charity seeks to help and traditional supporters.

When a CEO leaves unexpectedly we can step in as an Interim CEO to provide stability whilst guiding the board through a period of refection and if necessary change so that they can appoint the right person as the next permanent CEO.

Smaller and medium-sized charities may not have sufficient time or in-house expertise to manage the change process. Sometimes staff and Trustees are too close to the issues to be objective. Through experience working as Chief Executives in the charity sector, and as a charity Trustees, we can help find a way through the minefield of change management and strategic planning, working with Trustees, staff, and other stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.

Member of The Federation of Small Businesses.