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Mentoring for Success

Providing a helping resource to leaders of charities.

Being the leader of an organisation can be tough anywhere, but it is especially true in the not-for-profit sector.

The CEO cannot really share all concerns with the board because the board is the employer and the Board of Directors want to see the CEO as competent and capable always.

The CEO cannot really share personal concerns or anxieties with staff members who are employees, who want to see their leader as being able to solve all the problems.

The community, voluntary and charity sector is facing many challenges such as, funding cuts, drops in fundraising income, reduction is staff numbers and the need to re-visit their strategic plans as they face ever increasing demands by clients for their services due to the impact of the economy.

CEO’s can benefit from the experience, skills and support of an experienced mentor to help them navigate through the current difficulties.The value of the mentor is having someone who can ask questions that clarify the situation and can help relieve the anxiety that builds when there is nowhere to articulate the doubts that the CEO may feel.

Mentoring brings MAGIC

Making better decisions through seasoned and supportive input and lateral thinking.

Accountability, provided in a positive and helpful way, to those who often have no one to hold them responsible.

Growth, both personal and professional, through challenge.

Isolation is relieved. It is lonely at the top. “Discussing the undiscussable” in absolute confidence makes the meetings looked forward to.

Change is risky and uncomfortable. An independent but pro-active sounding board helps to improve both the thinking and the implementing.

"D'Arcy is a generous and supportive coach. When I was making a career transition, he provided a clear structure of regular check-ins, gave assignments to get me thinking and offered valuable wisdom. If you are looking to develop your career in charities, I recommend D'Arcy especially due to his years of experience in the sector."

David Stoker, Senior Communication Officer at Trust Local

D’Arcy was my valued mentor and coach as I navigated my first year of leading my first organisation, – and also my transition from board member of the charity to its CEO.
He is highly skilled and empathetic, builds trust quickly and offers practical advice and wider developmental steers. His wide-ranging experience from the charity sector, along with his strong intuition, enables him to ask the right questions at the right time and to gently support with problem-solving and teasing out ways forward. D’Arcy is a great sounding board and is able to draw on a wealth of examples that bring scenarios to life and help grow understanding and knowledge.
He is also an excellent group facilitator and has been invaluable as an anchor for several board strategy sessions and team building days I have collaborated with him on over the years. He’s very skilled in assessing group dynamics, bringing out the best in participants and moving groups forward.
I highly recommend D’Arcy as a mentor, coach and facilitator."

Sarah Gibb, Director, Time and Talents

What to expect from your mentor

You will have a dedicated and experienced person as your mentor. As your mentor, they act as a trusted confidant to the mentee over a flexible period. As your mentor they will:

  • offer an outside perspective on both you and your charity
  • listen, confidentially, to the things that are worrying you about your charity
  • help you by sharing my own experience of both failure and success
  • give friendly, unbiased support
  • provide honest and constructive feedback
  • be a sounding board for ideas
  • help you with your decision making by suggesting alternatives based on personal experience
  • provide contacts and networks to further your personal and charities development
  • provide ongoing support and encouragement

As your mentor they will not:

  • provide a counselling service
  • give specific technical business advice, which would normally be provided by an expert business adviser
  • provide a training service
  • provide a coaching service (relating to specific business-related tasks, goals and objectives)
  • take responsibility for the success of your charity away from you


All mentoring packages provide face-to-face or Zoom meetings, with reasonable telephone and email access between meetings. The difference is in the length of commitment. This is dependable on the individual’s needs.

  • Test your idea: Sometimes you just want to bounce an idea off someone who has been there, done that! This is a perfect package for a quick brainstorming session to get you back on track.
    • Duration: 60 minutes via Phone Call or Video Conference 

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  • Single brainstorming session: An intense session diving deep to brainstorm and strategise. Figure out what could be done better, differently, and come up with solutions to get you moving in the right direction.
    • Duration: 3 hours via Phone Call or Video Conference

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  • Short course: Face-to-face meetings to brainstorm and make strategic changes in a short amount of time, while gaining different perspectives.
    • Duration: An hour per month for a 6 month period. (Time may be split into two 1/2 hour sessions per month via Phone Call or Video Conference)

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  • Long term thinking: You’d like some help and are committed to making positive changes and trying new ideas. This face-to-face package is designed for those who really want to commit to positive personal and charity development.
    • Duration: An hour per month for a 12 month period. (Time may be split into two 1/2 hour sessions per month via Phone Call or Video Conference)

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