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Conducting a review of your charity governance can seem daunting and possibly a distraction. That need not be the case as new ways to conduct a governance review become popular.

Using an online questionnaire you are able to easily work with your fellow trustees and staff to gather in-depth information with thought-provoking questions.

We can then deliver the results with easy to understand report highlighting the most important governance issues.

As the questionnaire rules out interviewer biases the results truly represent the opinions of your team. This ensures that the recommendations are uniquely tailored to your needs. Giving you reassurance and focus on the areas that need attention.

A well-conducted review engages people, demonstrates a commitment to good governance and has a positive effect on the charity's reputation, impact and fundraising efforts.

The Charity Commission has developed a code of governance with the key principle being that it should be a ‘given’ that all trustees understand their legal duties and are committed to their cause and good governance.

The code is divided into seven principles;

  1. Leadership
  2. Integrity
  3. Decision making, risk and control
  4. Board effectiveness
  5. Diversity
  6. Openness and accountability
  7. Organisational purpose.

Understanding what is meant by each principle, how it applies to your charity and how to assess how well you are going can be tricky. We can help you identify the areas that can be improved and how to go about making those changes. A thorough governance review can often be the best starting point. We use a number of tools coupled with my experience as both a charity CEO and a trustee to illustrate the challenges.

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