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Charity Health Check

A comprehensive external review of your charity's operations can identify areas that are draining your resources, reducing your impact, and potentially putting you at risk.

Each Charity Health Check is tailored to your specific needs to ensure that you receive the appropriate level of guidance. We will examine the barriers to performance that prevent fundraising success, good communication, and professionalism. Having the right internal systems in place can help to prevent fraud or misuse, but reporting on how you operate can have a significant impact on how supporters and potential funders perceive you.

The following are the key areas covered in the Charity Health Check:

  • The Trustee board: The effectiveness of the board in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.
  • Governance: The charity's governance framework, including policies and procedures.
  • Strategy: The charity's strategic plan and how it is being implemented.
  • Communication: The charity's communication strategy and how it is being implemented.
  • Performance: The charity's performance against its objectives.
  • Staff management: The charity's human resources policies and procedures.
  • Organisational systems: The charity's systems and processes, including GDPR and financial management.
  • Fundraising: The charity's fundraising strategy and how it is being implemented.
  • Working with partners and volunteers: The charity's partnerships and volunteer programs.

A Charity Health Check can provide you with valuable insights into your charity's operations and help you to identify areas for improvement. By taking steps to address any identified weaknesses, you can strengthen your charity and position it for success.

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