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To get something different out of key meetings, such as a board away-day or team strategy meeting, I facilitate open and honest discussion, supporting everyone so they are fully able to contribute and nurture creative thinking.

Bringing key people together is costly and if the meeting is not well designed and run ideas are lost, poor decisions can be made, people feel demotivated and less likely to participate in the future.

The benefits of using an external facilitator.

The facilitator:
• enables the whole board and senior team to actively participate in the session
• can assist in planning the day as well as bringing a whole range of tools & techniques to ensure that everyone is fully involved
• will keep the day on track with effective moderating and encouraging good quality debate
• will motivate attendees by ensuring all are aware of the outcomes from the day and the overall benefit
• can challenge internal assumptions and ask the right questions, handling conflict by being objective

What can you expect: I work with you on the objectives for the meeting. Then I design and facilitate the meeting keeping the participants focused on the meeting objectives whilst managing the dynamics, supporting their enthusiasm, participation and engagement.

As I specialise in the field of the voluntary, community & social enterprise, supporting and advising organisations both small and large across a range of subject matters I come with additional skills, experience and insights that brings added value to the day.

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