The importance of media training.
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The importance of media training.


In January I was talking to Ann Wright from Rough House Media about the importance of training your board of Trustees and key staff in media management.

In today's digital age, media management is an essential skill for trustees of charities and other not-for-profit organisations. Trustees need to be able to understand how the media works, how to communicate effectively with journalists, and how to manage their organisation's reputation.

There are a number of reasons why training trustees in media management is important:

  1. It can help to ensure that the charity's message is communicated effectively to the public.
  2. It can help to protect the charity's reputation in the event of a media crisis.
  3. It can help to build relationships with journalists and other media professionals.

If your charity is large enough you could offer in-house training, for most outsourcing the training to external providers is the most productive option.

The content of media management training for trustees will vary depending on the specific needs of the charity. However, some of the topics that may be covered include:

  • The role of the media in society
  • How to communicate effectively with journalists
  • How to manage a media crisis
  • How to build relationships with journalists
  • The legal implications of media relations

Training trustees on media management is an important investment for any charity. By providing trustees with the skills they need to manage media relations effectively, charities can protect their reputation, build relationships with the media, and ensure that their message is communicated effectively to the public.

Well, that is my take. Have a read of Rough House Media's 10 Benefits of media training for charities.

Ann went on to write this short article about my work.

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