Employee engagement starts at the top.
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Employee engagement starts at the top.


As an Interim CEO I have come across boards telling me that their charity managers are not performing. My first thought is; who manages the managers, because without strong leadership you cannot expect effective managers.
You get engaged managers and employees when your organisations’ leadership promotes effective communication, a culture of transparency, and policies that support the health and wellbeing at every level.If you answered “no” to more than one of the questions below, or are unsure, you may want to explore your approach to manager engagement:

  • Do we effectively communicate decisions, and our company strategy and vision, to managers?
  • Do we show our managers that you respect their work and leadership?
  • Do we empower managers to make decisions?
  • Do we give managers enough time or resources to do their jobs?
  • Are our managers’ abilities and skills being put to good use?
  • Are there opportunities for reward and recognition?
  • Are there opportunities for managers to learn new skills or to advance?

I can help you assess your challenges and guide you in creating an action plan using strategies proven to increase engagement.