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Pay What You Want Mentoring


Pay What You Want Mentoring allows you to put a value on what you gained from the mentoring session.

The Covid-19 crisis is worrying for us all both in our personal and work lives. So, every month I am offering a limited number of Pay What You Want Mentoring sessions.
If you would like to take advantage of this special offer then read on to find out what Pay What You Want Mentoring is and how it works.

Pay What You Want Mentoring is where you choose how much you want to pay!

I wanted a way to offer mentoring to people that is affordable to them. I also want my mentoring to be valued by the client. Rather than me selecting the value for each client, they can decide how much value they got from the mentoring.
Mentoring can help you in many ways including gaining clarity, focus, understanding, insight, confidence, certainty and much more. It really depends on what your own objectives are and what you want to achieve through mentoring. We will focus on what will be most beneficial for you.

Mentoring brings MAGIC

Making better decisions through seasoned and supportive input and lateral thinking.
Accountability, provided in a positive and helpful way, to those who often have no one to hold them responsible.
Growth, both personal and professional, through challenge.
Isolation is relieved. It is lonely at the top. “Discussing the undiscussable” in absolute confidence makes the meetings looked forward to.
Change is risky and uncomfortable. An independent but pro-active sounding board helps to improve both the thinking and the implementing.

The sessions are held online via Skype or Zoom and will run for up to 45 minutes.

Payment is only required after you have had the mentoring session. I would expect you complete the online payment within 24 hours after the mentoring session is finished.

If you are interested:

  1. Email me with an outline of what you would like to focus on, some dates and times that would suit you and your contact details.
  2. If there is an available slot you will receive confirmation via a meeting invitation with virtual meeting link.
  3. After the session you will receive a payment link to choose how much you want to pay and complete the payment.