Preventing stress build up at work
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Preventing stress build up at work


I was reading an article about stress and it made the very good point that too many people wait until stress has progressed too far before taking action. That unlike other afflictions, like alcohol abuse or cancer, that only affect certain individuals, stress affects all of us -- stress is not an “if” but a “when.” So, it makes sense to take preventive measures against stress.

The article goes on to suggest that Time management, Delegation and preventing becoming over-committed are three key preventative measure. I have certainly felt the stress building up when I have been over-committed. Whilst these are certainly three ways to manage stress building up. I would add three soft stress-busters for workplace wellbeing.

The first is to Smile: remember all that is great about the place you work. Good humour is catching and eases tension.

The second is to take your lunch break: don't skip meals and make sure you eat away from your desk. Even better have a walk after you have eaten. It is easier to build the walking habit if you do it with colleagues.

My third soft stress buster is to cut back on the caffeine: You need a good nights sleep and caffeine from your afternoon cup of coffee will still be in your bloodstream when you go to bed. So drink decaffeinated drinks in the afternoon.

These have all really worked for me.