Thinking of joining a Charity Board?
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Thinking of joining a Charity Board?


Effective charity Trustee Boards will be clear on how effective their governance is. If you are thinking of joining a board you might like to ask the following questions;

• Purpose and values: Do the charity's purpose and values align with its mission? Are they clearly articulated and understood by all stakeholders?

• Governance structure: Is the charity's governance structure effective and efficient? Does it provide appropriate oversight and accountability?

• Board of trustees: Are the trustees of the charity qualified and experienced? Do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively govern the charity? How will your skills fit-in and complement the board?

• Risk management: Does the charity have a robust risk management framework in place? Are risks identified, assessed, and managed effectively?

• Financial management: Does the charity have sound financial management practices in place? Are its financial records accurate and up-to-date?

• Transparency: Is the charity transparent about its activities and finances? Does it provide regular reports to its stakeholders?

• Accountability: Is the charity accountable to its stakeholders? Does it respond to their concerns and feedback?

These are just a few examples of questions that can be used to assess good charity governance. The specific questions that are asked will vary depending on the size, complexity, and mission of the charity. However, by asking these questions, you can gain valuable insights into their governance practices and help you decide if you want to join the board.

Here are some additional questions that you could ask;

• How are decisions made at the charity?

• What are the charity's policies and procedures for managing conflicts of interest?

• How does the charity ensure that its resources are used effectively and efficiently?

• How does the charity measure its impact?

• How does the charity communicate with its stakeholders?

• How does the charity engage with its community?


Photo by Jacquie Munguia - unsplash